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Egremont Primary School OFSTED - Good - October 2014

The initiatives introduced to achieve this are having an impact and the school has a good capacity to improve further. Parents agree that the school is led and managed well.

Church Drive Primary School OFSTED - Good - March 2018

The school is welcoming. Parents and carers are greeted each morning by highly visible members of staff. Pupils enter the site safely and calmly. Parents have the opportunity to speak to teachers at the classroom doors. Parents I spoke with described the school as a caring and nurturing environment. They appreciate the regular information they receive from the school.

Poulton Primary School OFSTED - Good - May 2015

Leaders and managers have collectively established an effective climate of high expectation for learning, where pupils can flourish in their education. The headteacher determinedly ensures that pupils are encouraged to learn well in a caring, exciting and stimulating environment.

Great Meols Primary School OFSTED - Outstanding - January 2010

The school provides an outstanding education for all pupils. Their overall achievement in terms of academic and personal development is excellent. These exceptional outcomes are due to a number of factors: good quality teaching; excellent care, guidance and support; pupils' behaviour and outstanding attitudes to learning; the rich and varied curriculum.

Stanton Road Primary School OFSTED - Good - October 2014

The two headteachers provide robust leadership. An unrelenting focus on improving standards has been established and has led to improvement in achievement which is now good.

A strong caring ethos is evident and has a good impact on the daily life of the school. It places high value on developing pupils’ basic literacy and numeracy skills, enjoyment of learning and building self-esteem.

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