The Trust was formed in June 2017, when a group of Wirral schools formalised their working relationship over a number of years. The Trust is built on a number of core values which you will find on this website.

This website will provide you with information about out Trust and our academies, and will hopefully provide an insight into what Oak Trees Multi Academy Trust can do for you.



The Oak Trees Multi Academy Trust was established in June 2017, with 4 schools joining initially and Church Drive Primary School proposing to join later in 2018. The Trust was set up to enhance the good working relationships and practices built up over a number of years between the schools, and all schools were judged at least to be ‘good’ in terms of OFSTED category. All schools who joined the Trust at the outset had equal rights, and a large amount of due diligence was carried out in order to ensure that this ‘equal footing’ was appropriate to the founding schools.


As a Trust, Oak Trees would welcome other schools joining the Trust, as long as the time is right and it was felt that it would be to the benefit of the Trust and the interested school. This would be after due diligence was carried out, considering a number of factors such as finance, performance, Governance and assets, including buildings. The incoming school, if accepted, may have to agree to Earned Autonomy (see below) for a period of time in order to build up to having equal rights with the established academies.  



The Board believes that best results will be achieved when each school’s Local Governing Body (LGB) receives a level of responsibility and autonomy appropriate to its specific circumstances. Where the school is in an OFSTED category, there will be close supervision of the school by the Trust through its Executive Group and officers. Where a school is good or outstanding, minimal day-to-day supervision by the Trust is needed and the LGB will operate with maximum autonomy.