Oak Trees Multi Academy Trust Vision and Values


Our Mission / Values

Co-operate and collaborate

Achieve excellence for all

Raise aspirations and inspire imaginations

Explore new interests and new ideas

How was Oak Trees MAT created? What were the initial drivers for the schools?

Why? They shared a belief that, when united, they could better unleash the power and potential of the children in their schools.

How? They formalised their long-standing partnership to agree standards that would create better outcomes for children, their families and their communities.

What? They came together to form a trust their communities could trust: one which focused on developing individual excellence in every way possible.

Who? The Heads, teachers, support staff and Governors had a single united focus – the children.

When? They took action to future-proof their schools, and their ability to provide outstanding education now and in the future.  

Where? From its beginnings in Wirral, they saw the Trust potentially grow to welcome more schools and more children from further afield who went on to make their communities a better place.

What Do We Stand For As a Trust?

  • We are dedicated to helping the whole child, to unlock their potential and instil a love of learning.

  • We share the wealth of experience and expertise from across our trust to enrich and bring learning to life for our children.  

  • We mix the pursuit of academic excellence in core subjects with a creative curriculum which expands minds and instils a sense of curiosity of the wider world.

  • Every member of staff in our trust genuinely cares about the achievement, development, well-being and future of all of our children.

  • We are here for all children, to raise aspirations, inspire them to go far and develop a lifelong love of learning.   

  • Our teachers, support staff, heads and administrators work in partnership with our families to help the children be the best they can be.

  • We believe in the power and potential of all people to make a lasting difference.   

What Makes us Different From Other Trusts?

  • Each Academy has the autonomy to deliver the curriculum as it wishes and as it fits their profile of pupil as long as it performs to an acceptable standard.

  • The Trust is based on collaboration and working together for the good of all the children in the Trust, not just for the benefit of your own school.

  • The individual nature of each school, from uniform to holidays and school days, is protected.

  • Trust staff have the opportunity to work with other schools across the MAT.

  • A high quality Governance and Executive Leadership structure provides support and challenge for all academies to perform at a high level and ensure clear accountability at all levels.   

How Do We Collaborate and Move Forward Together?

  • Networks of school leaders working together on curriculum and enrichment opportunities.

  • Headteacher Board work together to ensure a coherent strategic direction and drive is in place.

  • Each Headteacher is committed to working across the MAT and having an impact beyond their own school.

  • Quality joint INSET and Continuing Professional Development, including training for new Headteacher sand NQTs, is in place and run by leaders within the Trust.

  • Clear and consistent financial procedures and reporting systems in place across the MAT.

  • A shared focus on developing teaching and learning brought together through the MAT Business Plan and School Improvement Strategy.

  • Regular MAT-wide events to develop a unified approach, such as cross-Trust maths and English challenges and an annual Awards evening.   

What Do We Expect From Our Academies?

  • Buy-in to the Mission, Vision and Values of the MAT.

  • Commitment to collaborate fully as a member of the MAT, whatever the circumstances of the school.

  • Agreement that success and commitment to improve will lead to greater autonomy and rights within the MAT.

  • Commitment from the Headteacher to spend time supporting and helping other schools across the MAT.

  • Agreement to follow the financial policies and procedures of the MAT.

  • A positive attitude to change.

  • Willingness to report school performance and financial information to Executive Leaders and Trustees.  

What Will The Academies Get Out Of The MAT?

  • A quality Executive Leadership team and Trustee Board to support and challenge the school.

  • Clear and sound financial procedures which comply fully with the Academies Financial Handbook.

  • A range of networks which collaborate to improve outcomes across the MAT.

  • Retained autonomy and control over a number of significant areas.

  • A shared commitment from all schools that the MAT must be greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Membership of a Headteacher Board charged with ensuring compliance and improvement across the MAT.

  • Access to joint CPD.

  • Quality financial systems to ensure that school budgets effectively deliver the vision of the Trust and schools.


O -  Ownership

A - Aspiration

K - Knowledge